The first phone consultation or preliminary e-mail exchange is free of charge if they do not lead to our office taking on the assignment.


Our pricing is based on the amount of the time set on the assignment. The houry fees depends on the nature and the difficulty of the assignment. For small tasks such as small telephone conferences or short e-mails our charging is always a minimum of ten minutes.

HOURLY FEES (Includes VAT 24%)

Individuals 136,40 – 272,80 €/h
Companies/other communities 297,60 €/h

Legal expenses insurance usually covers legal expenses for private persons and companies in civil matters and in criminal cases for the complainant. If you don´t have a legal expenses insurance, it is also often possible to receive legal aid in court matters, in which case our fee is either partially or completely paid for by the state.


In some legal assignments it is possible in advance to estimate the price for the whole assignment. This is possible in drafting the most common legal documents such as marriage settlement agreements or a simple wills. If the client want we can give a flat rate for these kind of assignments.


Additionally to the timebased pricing we also charge for the costs that authorities collect and other expenses such as large amounts of photo-copying.